Why You Should Paint Your Shipping Containers

Steel containers come in all sorts of sizes, and can be used for a ton of different reasons. And one of the main things you might’ve noticed is that they also come in a whole range of colours. Reds and blues and greens and greys – they’re a true sight to behold, stacked on the back of a cargo ship like Lego bricks, transporting goods across the world.

But did you ever stop to wonder why they’re painted all those different shades?

Colourful Shipping Containers

There are several reasons why containers are given different colours, different paintwork. One reason, as any company will know, is branding. It’s the shipping container equivalent of drawing an identifiable swirl on your suitcase so you know it’s yours when it sails around the carousel at Heathrow. And so does everyone else. Think of the ultra-global Maersk shipping containers. Almost every single one is grey or white, which, when accompanied by the familiar logo, gives is an incredible presence on ships across the world.

There are, of course, more practical reasons for painting your shipping containers. Many paints on the market offer more than a pretty pattern, they also offer protection against the elements. Certain rubberised paints can help prevent or limit rust, which means they can save businesses money – why buy new containers or refurbish them over and over again, when it’s just as easy to keep them shipshape and Bristol fashion in the first place. In fact, it’s possible to extend the life of a shipping container by several years, simply by choosing the right sort of paint to protect the exterior.

Another reason why you may be considering adding an extra lick of paint to your steel containers is to protect the goods inside. You may not realise it, but altering the exterior colouring can have an effect on the humidity inside. Of course, making sure the goods you transport are in great quality is a top priority for those in the industry – reputations are built on such matters – so it’s always worth investing in a shade of paint that can keep the interior the right temperature.

Whatever reason you have for giving your container a fresh lick of paint, make sure you’ve got a quality steel container in the first place. If you’re interested in getting new containers for your business, whether it’s for shipping or storage purposes, our team will be absolutely delighted to assist. Simply contact us today on 0208 459 6972.

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