Perfect Pop-Ups for Summer

The pop-up shop began getting popular a few years ago and since then has become a revolutionary way to get your business out in the world, for cheaper. Not only this, but it creates a buzz. And what better time to get a buzz started than in the summer? When the weather gets better, people get out and about and, you never know, they may just stumble into your summer pop-up shop. Whether you already have a business or are considering a new start-up, we have a countdown of some creative pop-up perfections that could be a success. Especially in the summer.



Whether you are a tourist or not, keyrings, mugs and t-shirts with the location on are a hit. Even more so, having a pop-up space makes you even more versatile. You could pop from Blackpool to Cornwall or The Lake District to Central London, and bring in tourists and others alike into your shop. Because who doesn’t want a holiday keepsake?

Ice Cream/ Summer Snacks

Let’s face it, everyone loves ice-cream and especially in summer. By having a pop-up ice cream shop you could be the talk of the town, and become a few steps ahead of the standard ice cream van. The likes of Häagen-Dazshave conquered the pop-up ice cream shop and, of course, you want to be as cool as them. Popping your shop by a beach or a seaside resort could have flocks of people queuing up to taste the delights of summer on a cone. By also serving some other tasty alternatives you could step up your game.


Selling fashion in a pop-up shop could give you an edge like no other brand or designer. You can spread your word much quicker at the same time as being right there in the moment with your clothes and customers. The buzz is bound to spread when you begin to draw some attention in to your pop-up paradise, and if you are lucky you could even see a passer-by wearing your designs. Not only this, but it can be much cheaper, leaving more money to harness your skill and style.

A Beach Shack

Many businesses have already accomplished the ultimate pop-up bar but, with a beach shack, you could give a buzz unlike any other. By picking your space wisely, such as a popular beach destination, you don’t have to worry about seating or tables, simply let people grab a beverage and lay their beach blankets down. You could amp up your shack style and get some music blasting. That’s sure to bring a crowd to your beach block party.

Photo Booth

You may have had experiences with types of photo booths; camper van booths at festivals, the traditional curtained photo booth or even the new Instagram-style booths. But, imagine what you could do with a pop-up cabin style photo booth? You could create waves like no other before. Make sure you get your pop-up booth in the perfect place and style it out with the right decorations for the venue. You could set up outside a venue for the picture-perfect opportunity as an end to a night. Summer makes for the best photos.

Summer is the perfect time of year to get your ideas flowing and, even better, put them into action. A pop-up container can provide space for all types of creative minds and business owners alike. From a budding artist in need a space to showcase to an on-the-rise fashion stylist, and anything in between, you could get your brand and business out there with a little help from Flintham Cabins.  Pop up containers are on the rise even more than ever and can revolutionise industries. If you would like any more information, our team would love to discuss your requirements.


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