The Pop-Up Wonders of the World

The pop up trend is a fascinating one; one minute you see a new restaurant or retailer opening up in one area, the next minute closes and opens up in an another. They are used as a mechanism to enhance the retail and dining experience for the customer and it has been useful in creating more meaningful and tight-knit relationships with customers.

Many established companies such as French luxury fashion clothing line Louis Vuitton, sports fashion giant Adidas and Swiss watch mammoth Hublot have used the pop-up trend to increase their brand experience for their customers.

This has caused a rapid rise in the demand for pop up containers to help businesses from retail to hospitality make the best use of the pop up trend to improve their customer experience, and attain a stronger customer loyalty.

How the Pop-Up trend is enhancing the customer experience

Exhibition Gazebo

It creates a physical presence if you’re an online business

Businesses use the pop up trend to display new and exclusive products that they may only sell online as a way to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. Online retailers such as Amazon understand it can be very difficult to build a strong relationship with their customers online, and is one of the many reasons why they open up pop-up stores from time; to time to connect to their customer directly. A pop up store can help create a physical personality for the business to connect with their customers.

It can educate your customers

A great benefit of having a pop up store is that it can educate and improve your customer’s knowledge about your products. You can do a product demonstration and the customer can learn new things about the product that they didn’t know already directly from the people that know it best – you.

Customer Feedback

As a business, you will want to know whether the product you are offering is meeting the expectations and needs of your customer. A great way of doing this is by opening up a pop up shop where you are interacting with the customer directly and they are able to test the product right in front of you. Therefore, you will know if the customer is satisfied with the product you are offering, you will also know the strengths and weaknesses of your product straight away.

Brand Visibility

Having a pop up store can do wonders in terms of increasing the visibility of your brand, especially if you are planning to launch a new product and you need an effective marketing strategy for it to reach it to your customers successfully.

If you’re an online business, there’s a huge amount of competition out there, often making it difficult to get your start-up business out there successfully in the first place. Using a pop up shop is a great way to get your brand out there in the public eye.

Pop Up Street Food MarketPopular pop up shops!

H&M Loves Music

Fashion giant H&M opened up a pop store at Dreamville festival, Belgium to promote independent and unsigned artists and DJs. It has helped H&M attract a new revenue stream in promoting independent artists and has helped them attract new customers who are keen to see fresh musical talent as well as fashionable clothing, too.

Hublot Dubai
Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot opened up one of their first ever pop stores in Dubai, which is also the first ever pop up store in the Middle East. Using the pop up shop trend is a great way to reach a new market, especially in the growing economic superpower of the the United Arab Emirates.

Louis Vuttion
French luxury fashion retailer Louis Vuitton opened up a pop up store in at the AC park in San Francisco, to promote their limited stock of automatic Regatta watches.


Adidas dedicated a pop-up store to the world’s most influential celebrities, which include football legend David Beckham and hip hop producer Pharrell Williams.

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty opened up a café in Irvine, California. The world renowned Japanese cartoon character is loved by millions of fans across the world so opening up a café is a great way to associate the cartoon character to food lovers.

There are so many benefits in having a pop up store; it can improve your brand awareness tremendously and it can also improve customer relationships. It can also help you understand your customers a lot better if you’re an online business and are finding it difficult to build a stable connection with your customer base online. If you plan to launch a product or service and are in need of pop up or bespoke container to help you to do so, you can contact us today and we can provide you with the right container for your business needs.

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