How to Make the Most Out of Your Portable Office

When looking for mobile welfare units in London, you probably already have an idea what the main use of your space is going to be. Whether the plan is for it to be a staff canteen or used as an office, the versatility of portable buildings make it perfect for a range of uses.

But if you’re looking for other ways to make the most out of your new space, we’ve put together a few ideas about how you can optimise it for you and your workforce.

modern office interior

Use it to Improve Staff Morale

Even though you’re in a portable building, you should try and keep some things consistent. This will not only help build positive rapport between you and your workforce, it will ultimately result in better morale and productivity.

For instance, you could hang a calendar in a communal area with key work dates on, but also add staff birthdays to it. You could also hold a morning briefing in there with your team, praising what they did well the day before and what needs to be done today. Also consider adding a jar filled with treats and bottles of cordial for people to access on their breaks.

By doing this, your mobile welfare unit will become more than just another part of the site, it’ll be a hub for people to use and enjoy.

Be Creative with your Culinary Delights

If you’re incorporating a canteen into your mobile welfare unit, then try and make the food as exciting as possible.

Consider having ‘themed’ days so your workers have something to look forward to. For instance, you could serve Mexican food every Tuesday. Following a weekly food rota will tickle taste buds and give your workforce something to get excited about.


Modify What Isn’t Working

Shipping container offices are modular, meaning that you’re not stuck with the set layout that comes with an existing building. If you find that a set way of having things doesn’t work out, for instance, people have to bumble through your office to use the toilet, then change the layout. You could even change it throughout the day if you feel that you really need to!

If you’re looking to make the most out of a mobile welfare unit in London, then look no further than Flintham Cabins! Every single one of our units comes with an integral 6kva diesel generator, wash station, drying room, toilet compartment, canteen area, as well as hot and cold running water.

For more information about our portable units, or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team on 0208 459 6972.

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