The Rise of Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop

The increasing popularity of pop-up shops is understandable; with the flexibility and wide range of uses that shopping containers provide, it’s no wonder that companies and independent retailers are making the most of it. Ice cream pop-up shops are on the rise, delighting everyone with their delicious ice cream flavours.

Pop-up ice cream shops are not only popular, but they are also a successful endeavour linked to steel storage units.



On 19th May, Häagen-Dazs opened a pop-up shop titled ‘My Extraordinary Life’. Partnered with Bompas & Parr, the ice cream brand built a multi-sensory ice cream experience at Noho Studios, encouraging visitors to take photos and post them on Instagram.

The experience allowed for visitors to personalise their ice creams alongside choosing the existent ones. They could also enter a competition that could see the winners have their face 3D scanned and then recreated to be a bespoke Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar.

Instagram has been used before in pop-up shops; last year, the company Etsy launched an ‘Everyday Emporium’ that used Instagram as currency.


Dominique Ansel

Until the end of June, you can enjoy a pop-up shop with cold-brew soft-serve ice cream, topped with anise biscotti and milk foam at the dutch door on the side of the West Village shop of Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

In July, the flavours will change to white peach with salted pistachios and lavender honey, and in August it will be a different twist. Dark-chocolate-olive-oil ice cream and fig agrodolce with sea salt on the homemade honey-tuile waffle cone.


World Gin Day with Ice Cream

From 9th to 11th June, you can go by The Hoxton in Shoreditch for all of your gin and ice cream needs. In partnership with Gin Mare and Ruby Violet, this pop-up shop will offer gin cocktails with free gin and tonic ice cream.

A perfect choice for a hot summer day, you can try ‘botanical infused ice creams’ or a gin sorbet for a lighter option. These sorbets will be topped with savoury wafers, gin-soaked orange peels, or crystallised rosemary.

Showcasing how pop-up shops have become popular, these events are increasingly showing up across the world. Steel storage units are also used for pop-up shops, as they are sturdy and durable, providing the ideal location for pop-up shops.


Here at Flintham Cabins we specialise in the purchase or hire of steel storage units for all of your ice cream needs, and much more! These units have a wide range of innovative uses where imagination is the only limit.

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