Make Your Shipping Container Even More Eco-Friendly

As the public are becoming more and more eco-conscious, they are increasingly expecting the products they buy to be mindful of the environment. The last 20 years has seen the introduction of large-scale household recycling services, biodegradable packaging, the banning of CFCs and the recycling of old technology into new. Means of transport are more environmentally sustainable than ever, as road vehicles have become greener with hybrid engines. Even the much maligned modern aeroplane relies on a fraction of the fuel it once did.

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Environmental awareness is something that we should all be conscious of, as it affects us all. Here are three ways to make your shipping container even more eco-friendly.

Ensure That You Have the Right Number of Containers for the Job

Lazy estimates of the number of containers required can be very costly when they go wrong. Half empty or less than full containers are not just a waste of money, they also increase the overall carbon footprint of your products and most importantly they take up valuable space on a ship that could be filled with something else.

Use the Correct Packaging Shipping Company

Poorly or under-packaged goods could be damaged in transport which will greatly affect overall costs. Damaged goods also increase wastage and, once disposed of, contribute to landfill. Over-packaged goods will take up a far greater space than is needed within your shipping container so that you will essentially be transporting less of the product than you would otherwise. Over-packaging is also a waste of resources such as paper, cardboard and plastic and is an unnecessary drain on your finances.

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Consider Using an Eco-Friendly Ship

Not all shipping companies have the same commitment to environmental sustainability. A company using tired old ships is likely to have a much greater carbon footprint than a company using modern ships. There are now several companies who pride themselves on using ships such as the Triple E cargo ship, which has an increased goods capacity paired with very fuel efficient engines.

Taking a more considered look at steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our environmental sustainability should neither be expensive or hard work. Here at Flintham Cabins Ltd we know that being eco-friendly is not just important because consumers are increasingly demanding it, being eco-friendly should help grow our businesses as well as save the planet. Contact us today for more information.

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