Could Shipping Container Homes Help The Homeless Crisis in This Country?

Homelessness in the UK is a big issue, and in 2016 it was estimated that over 250,000 people were homeless in England. A quick and inexpensive solution is needed to tackle the issue, and shipping containers are proving to be a potential answer to homelessness in the UK and in other parts of the world.

Addressing the Issue

In 2014, the Brighton Housing Trust built 36 houses from shipping containers to help home some of the local homeless population. Building a durable, cost effective solution was vital so that more people could move in. Designed through a collaboration between WCEC Architecture and QED Property, the social housing village is located in a former scrap metal yard.

With a five-year agreement to stay in the homes, the project includes a food growing initiative that is helping to promote social gathering between the residents. Some drawbacks related to the proper insulation during winter have arisen, but QED’s director, Ross Gilbert, ensures that energy consumption, temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, and insulation are under review in order to provide homes with fewer heating costs.

Shipping Containers


Temporary or Permanent Residence

In south-east London, a council created what was called the “UK’s first pop-up village” to help house families who found themselves forced to live in places such as B&Bs. The Place/Ladywell project will provide temporary accommodation to these families, helping them to find a cheaper alternative than a B&B and to prevent homelessness.

In a similar way, shipping containers can be used to create temporary or permanent houses for the homeless. A beneficial factor about shipping containers is how easy they are to move, which allows them to be relocated easily to another part of the country when needed.


Quality and Quantity

Similarly, in San Francisco, USA, shipping containers are being transformed into micro-flats to help fight the homeless crisis. The city has around 6,500 homeless people, comprising the second highest homeless population in the USA.

Offering more privacy than a shelter, these flats can be quickly built to provide comfortable living. In the UK shipping containers can provide urgent accommodation for families and homeless people, allowing them to have a safe and comfortable home.

Container Home Layout

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