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If you require a cheap but trendy office expansion, then you need look no further than a shipping container. Container offices and other container facilities are in fashion right now, perhaps because they’re eco-friendly – having been fashioned from largely recycled and recyclable materials.

In this blog, we’re travelling through the fashionable social media platform that is Instagram. We’re going to be finding you some of the best inspirational #ContainerOffices to motivate you for your office expansion with steel containers.

Plenty of Containers

Your shipping container office doesn’t have to arise from a need to expand, it could be a method of separating workspaces within your building and offering some privacy to your workers. It is suspected that open-plan offices can increase the number of sick days taken by individuals, so redirecting some of your employees to a smaller shipping container office could be in the best interests for both your employees and your business.

The following images show how a set of bespoke shipping containers can revolutionise a space for offices:


Biophilic Sub-Office

Biophilia is a hot topic right now, and providing your staff with the ability to work amongst nature could work wonders for their productivity and happiness. It is also thought that working around nature reduces an individual’s sick days.

The office below demonstrates an office in a natural scene – a very pleasant and relaxing place to focus on your daily tasks.

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Rustic Container Set

A set of interconnected but rustic offices would give your business an exclusive look that would surely impress both employees and visitors alike. Crafting a unique image for your business can be hard in today’s age, but with a set of artistic portable buildings from London functioning as the core of your business,  you will be sure to stand out from the rest.

The set of buildings below deliver this vision using a lot of wood panelling to help maintain insulation against the cold, as well as personalising the shipping containers.

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Wild at Heart

A shipping container office affords you the freedom that traditional offices do not. They are easier to attain planning permission for and leave less of an impact on the environment they are situated in. If you’re planning an office move for a creative enterprise, why not lead your business to an accommodation that both encourages and embraces their creativity.

The bespoke shipping container below clearly encourages reflection through its peaceful design:


Mental Headspace

We all know that office life can get a bit intense sometimes, and occasionally we need a break. Having space which your employees are encouraged to use for the benefit of their mental health, such as a ‘tiny library’ could make a huge difference to your retention turnovers if you can keep your employees happier for longer in your workspace.

The image below shows how cosy can become one with corporate if you’re prepared to experiment and reap the values of a happy team.

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Personalised Working Space

One of the best benefits you could be enjoying when you move your business, or a portion of your business, to a shipping container is that you can personalise it to your heart’s content. If you want your business logo emblazoned in huge font across the side of your container – you’ve got it. Want your new containers’ colours to match your branding? – easy.

The image below shows precisely how easy and effective your shipping container business could become:


Bright and Spacious

Leaving one end of your shipping container open by installing windows in place of the doors can create a luxurious office block constructed with containers. There’s so much that you can do with steel storage containers; they might be made of steel, but they are certainly pliable.

You can see how brilliant and bright an office block of eco-friendly storage containers could be here:

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If you’ve been inspired to start investing in your own shipping container accommodation, whether for your business or recreation, then trust us to procure and style your bespoke containers. There’s so much more that you could be doing with your business.

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