Why Shipping Containers are Perfect for Events

With their compact size and alternative design, shipping containers act as a perfect space to promote your business. Not only can they be tailored in size to suit your product but they can also be personalised inside and out to make a real statement that the public could be drawn to. But apart from its aesthetic, there are other contributing factors to steel container hire and investment that could benefit your business.


One of the best reasons to either purchase or hire a container to is that they are designed with transportation in mind. Chances are you are going to want to spread the word about your product at several events and fairs – instead of building a tent or stall from scratch, a modular container comes already assembled from your previous appearance.

This is good if you want to keep consistency with your brand’s appearances and saves time in the long run when you have a day of promoting to do!

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Gives public a taster

It’s important to gauge how much to show to your target market. Shipping containers can be made up of one localised space to focus on your product or on one element of your business. This gives audiences a taster and an insight into what you do without having different areas to peruse.

However, it’s essential to give the public enough space to roam as the sight of crowds spilling out of your container could dissuade people from coming to see what you’re promoting. Flintham Cabins have a range of containers in different sizes to cater for your event and the products you choose to exhibit inside.

Sheltered against weather

Event tents and stalls are a great method of promotion in the summertime during an outdoor event, but when the weather gets a little brisker, people aren’t going to linger for long. Shipping containers provide shelter not only from rain but are beneficial on a more blustery day with their solid steel walls.

They work just as well in the summer too as you can have the choice of having an open plan to get cool air circulating around your space.

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Whatever you’re promoting, these containers can be adapted to your requirements. Shipping containers are easy enough to personalise if you’re setting up a shop but if you wanted to use the space as a cafe or coffee vendor then they can be easily connected to a power source for lighting or other appliances.

Whether you want to invest in a container to use as a better promotional space or if you would like to test-drive one at an upcoming event then Flintham Cabins offer a range of options available. For any enquiries about our products then feel free to contact us at 0208 459 6972 otherwise take a look at our Twitter page for regular updates.

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