Space Saving Ideas for Your Container Home

At Flintham Cabins Ltd, we deal in containers – and not just for shipping purposes. More and more people are using containers for retail spaces, office areas and – with increased frequency – homes.

These homes are not only exceptionally cheap to make, they are environmentally friendly, and can be adapted very easily to a wide range of outdoor spaces. You can also transport them easily, allowing for a portable home that can see you move anywhere in the country with ease, and their modern, chic look has seen them be adopted as office spaces and retail units from London to Bristol.


However, space can be something of an issue – planning permission may prohibit you from expanding the unit to accommodate for a number of belongings that a house benefits from storing. Let’s take a look at a few space-saving ideas.

Hooks! And lots of them

With a hookboard, you are able to store everything from tools and keys to mugs and kitchen accessories. Incredibly simple to erect – you’ll probably be used to a bit of DIY if you’ve chosen a container home – they are adaptable to a very wide range of purposes, and you can even hold a bike up there with the right fixtures. Saving you valuable space on counter surfaces, a hookboard is a brilliant option.

All-purpose shelving

Shelving units can be bought pretty cheaply these days, and filling a single wall to its maximum is probably all that you’ll need. A unit with a crisscrossed vertical and horizontal frame that goes from the floor to ceiling is a great, stylish option for a container home: kit it out with your books, odd bits of kitchenware and all your CDs, records or DVDs (these can also go into handy sliding boxes if you deem them unsightly) and watch the container’s space open up brilliantly.

Under-bed storage

This might sound obvious, but beds are too often made without storage space these days: as a bed is a must, you might as well be able to maximise its potential. Platform beds are the enemy of the storage unit: fact.

If you have any queries about containers or container homes, then we are more than happy to help. Contact us today for more information.

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