Storage for All Your Festivities

If festivities are what you live for, then there’s a chance that you need some extra storage to house all of your decorations when they’re not in use. A steel storage container at the bottom of your garden – or perhaps in a personal parking area – could be the solution to your storage woes,  and you might have room to keep bicycles and tools once you’ve moved everything else too.

In this blog, we’re going to feature some amazing displays that probably need a bespoke shipping container to store them during the off seasons.

Amazing Christmas Decorations for Offices

Some offices go all out to celebrate Christmas, but they beg the question of where these fabulous creations go when the season ends. We’d like to think for environmental reasons that these offices take good care of their Christmas decorations and re-use them year after year, rather than throwing them away and starting anew simply because there’s nowhere to put them.

A storage container in the car park could easily solve this office’s storage issues, however, and still have room for bicycles, spare electronics, and the Halloween decorations too.

Welcome to Who-ville

A lot of effort clearly went into creating this, we hope that it’s kept safe during the rest of the year.

Polystyrene Frosty

We’re confident that Frosty won’t be melting once spring appears this year, but we’re not too sure that he’ll survive being buried in a tiny office storage compartment. You can ensure Frosty’s survival for next year if you increase your office’s storage capacity.

Kandyland Village

Sometimes, all it takes is for one employee to max out their desk with Christmas feeling, and then you find that the rest of the office is keen to spread the feeling too. The only problem is where to store all this when the 12 days of Christmas have come to an end…


Schools Need Extra Storage Too

Offices aren’t the only places struggling to contain their decorations during the off season; celebrating festivities is important in schools because it helps to motivate the students to work hard until the holidays. Designing decorations with your class can also help develop their teamwork skills whilst simultaneously decking out the school in fabulous designs. Instead of starting anew every year, however, wouldn’t it be great and eco-friendly if you had a storage container in London to hold all the best contributions to use again next year?

Welcome to Peppermint Forest

A bit of coloured card can go a long way when you’re creating the peppermint forest. We imagine that those 2D trees won’t be too hard to store in the school, but those candy cane posts and not just one, but TWO Christmas Trees might take quite a bit of space in the storeroom.

Santa’s Grotto

Perhaps your school hosts a Santa’s Grotto at the Christmas fair, but you could make it even more impressive if you were confident that you could store all your decorations after.


Halloween in the Home

Another holiday that inspires the artists in us all is Halloween. It’s a chance to pull out the raffia paper, cut through dark fabrics and decorate your home in a truly unique manner. At least those homes with a storage container won’t have any trouble storing their creative passions once the season is over!

A Brilliantly Batty Hallway

A lot of effort clearly went into this hallway; we imagine that cutting out all those bats took a fair amount of time although they would be quite easy to store. On the other hand, the hanging candles and mini skeleton figures will prove a bit harder. If this home decorates the rest of their house in a similar fashion, then we can only imagine how many decoration supplies they need to store away at the end of it all.

Gothic Fireplaces

Another popular design choice is to completely deck out the fireplace. Some of the items used in this design are quite bulky, and therefore could be quite difficult to store without a dedicated storage container.

If you’re artistically inclined, looking for a way to bring your office together, or trying to inspire a school full of children; perhaps you need a storage container to enable you to decorate to your heart’s content.

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