Unique Conversions: Food Venues That Are Made From Shipping Containers

Recently it was announced that Brixton, a district of South London, will be getting its own version of Boxpark.

For those not in the know, Boxpark is a pop up mall based in East London. It opened in 2011, and is constructed of stripped and refitted shipping containers – creating unique and low cost pop up stores.

The development in Brixton will follow the same idea, with everything being made entirely of shipping containers. However, instead of clothing stores, ‘Pop Brixton’ is set to be the new foodie hub – housing popular street food traders and pop up cooks.

If it proves popular, there is certain to be an influx of other shipping container sites around the capital in the next few years.

With these types of food venues just recently becoming popular in the UK, it might be surprising to hear that they have been a trendy idea in other countries for a lot longer.

Below we have listed some of the coolest restaurants/food venues that have set up shop within a shipping container.


The Container Restaurant (Colorado)

This restaurant is based in Colorado, and works out of two repurposed shipping containers. Located next to Ska Brewing, it serves up food such as pizza and sandwiches to go with the beer offerings from the brewery.

This environmentally innovative restaurant came about because the owners of Ska Brewing noticed them cropping up all over the place in construction projects. He was sold by the idea that it would help reduce their footprint – and look amazing in the process!



Les Grandes Tables (Paris, France)

Located in Paris, this cafe was made using scaffolding and shipping containers. The cafe is elevated amidst the scaffolding, in an oriented strand board box. Whilst the shipping containers do not make up the entire structure, there are presented like somewhat of a centrepiece.

The rest of the architecture and decor is minimalist, demonstrating an example of the brilliant designs that can be made from a simple shipping container.  It’s a good place to enjoy delicious food, in an unconventional and unique style.

The menu is inspired by street food around the world and is created with locally grown produce – with a focus on fish and other organic food.

SnackBox (New York City)

This mobile food venue is formed using a striped back black shipping container – providing food in an innovative way.

It serves a number of different snacks, such as hotdogs and burgers, and also serves a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Beitang Container Restaurant (China)

Located in China, this restaurant is a sea food heaven. Located inside reused shipping containers, it retains a lot of their original design. This is a brilliant way to show their marine connection – with the rustic design showcasing their marine roots.

A couple of containers have been joined together to create extra room, and a glass front has been added to the opening for a more aesthetic appeal.


We hope you have found these places as fascinating as we have – and that you’ve been inspired to create your very own shipping container restaurant.

If you are interested in joining in on this new trend, then we can help you out.

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