Welfare Units for Festival Goers

Apart from being a great space for storage, cabins can be designed to meet any needs and requirements. This is particularly beneficial for outdoor work projects as they can be transformed into welfare units with toilets and water facilities. However, they can also work on a much larger scale.

Festivals and other large events could use mobile welfare units for various areas on the grounds. Festivals aren’t staged at venues but instead are erected in fields and wide spaces. Anything that’s brought in to cater for festival goers such as food, toilets, and other indoor spots would need to be easily transportable.

Beautiful teens at summer festival


A festival needs a spot close to the entrance of the festival to act as a reception. Depending on the size of the event, a cabin can be tailored to any size to accommodate a number of staff members. The reception is where most of the administration will be dealt with, which is perfect because containers and units are primarily used as storage facilities.

Additional furniture can be brought into the space to file away all the necessary paperwork, as well as chairs and desks for employees.

First Aid

Having an allocated area for first aid is vital at big events especially with such a large influx of people drinking alcohol. Units are involved in the construction of modular building and can be tailored to have different levels and extended to cover greater ground.

First aid hut

With sometimes thousands of people attending festivals at one given time over the course of a few days, it’s important to prioritise with a space for any possible accidents and casualties.


Having a separate area for security purposes is also vital as festivals goers can get quite rowdy. Welfare cabins are sheltered and secure which will provide a space where people can take a time out if need be.

All containers also have the ability to be connected to a power source, so if the British weather remains true to its reputation, then all of these welfare spots can be equipped with light and heat for staff to work in comfort.


If you need to rent a cabin for staff at an event or for your business, then Flintham Cabins provide mobile welfare units in London to make sure you’re well equipped for any project you undertake. For any enquiries about our services, feel free to contact us at 0208 459 6972, or follow us on Twitter to for regular updates.

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