Is a Shipping Container Home Even Viable?

It’s a hard fact to face but, sadly, the truth is that that house prices in the UK are rising; and, for many, they are becoming unaffordable. Keeping this in mind, and all the people we see using alternative methods of living, is a shipping container a truly viable option to live in? Through a dissertation from university student Owen Connolly, from the University of Westminster, we have everyone’s long unanswered questions answered, as he kindly shared his findings with the world.

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Shipping Containers – The Farms of the Future

Container farms have captured the attention of millions and may have the ability to push present day farmers into a new era of futuristic farms, with crop availability around the clock and around the world. As such, steel shipping units could contain the answer to the global food supply crisis and offer a light at the end of the tunnel or, more fittingly, a light at the end of the container.

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Top Common Mistakes Made When Buying Shipping Containers

At Flintham Cabins we are aware of and understand the confusion around making a decision about purchasing the right shipping container for your needs. Certain uses and features of shipping containers mean some containers would be unsuitable for specific requirements. Would you be better off buying a completely new container or is a second-hand container more than suitable?

Are you a first-time buyer of a shipping container? Watch out for these common mistakes!

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The Importance of Layout

A room’s layout is an important factor for any building, whether a permanent build or a portable building. Making sure that a room’s layout is right from the start will help to ensure the well-functioning of the room. Regardless of your industry, it’s important to have all aspects working together for a prosperous future.

Portable building’s layouts allow for more flexibility of function and, whether you require an office or a canteen, we can advise you on what layout offers you the best solution. So, why is room layout so important?

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Steel Containers in Film and TV

Steel containers are very useful; providing highly secure and corrosion resistant options for your business, they are ideal for expert solutions. As experts in the industry, here at Flintham Cabins we’re aware of how much they are represented in films and TV.
Here are a few examples of scenes in films or TV including steel containers:
(WARNING: Spoilers may lie ahead!)

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Alternate Steel Container Uses

Utilised for a wide number of functions, steel containers do more than just transport valuable cargo. As study and durable structures, they provide ideal solutions for a refurbishment that allows for stores, hotels, and even schools to be developed.

They are often recycled and easily adapted into innovative uses, which has become a more popular option around the world.

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Student Housing on a Budget

The world of university and students is one that is full of academia, lectures and scatter-brained professors. It is also famously one where saving money is vitally important for students, as they tend to live on a smaller budget than most. Providing affordable housing for the student budget, then, has become an increasing effort of councils across the country.

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Festival Toilets: Portaloo Vs Shipping Container

Festival Season is upon us, and the excitement of getting our wellies on and seeing some of our favourites artists is too much to ‘contain’. However, there is always that one factor about a festival most people aren’t particularly fans of… The toilets. It may not be the nicest thing to think about, but whether you are an attendee at a festival, an organiser or a volunteer, there are many alternatives to the standard festival portaloo. Have you thought about the alternative of a portable steel container and how it can make the experience much nicer?

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Perfect Pop-Up’s for Summer

The pop-up shop began getting popular a few years ago and since then has become a revolutionary way to get your business out in the world, for cheaper. Not only this, but it creates a buzz. And what better time to get a buzz started than in the summer? When the weather gets better, people get out and about and, you never know, they may just stumble into your summer pop-up shop. Whether you already have a business or are considering a new start-up, we have a countdown of some creative pop-up perfections that could be a success. Especially in the summer.

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The Rise of Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop

The increasing popularity of pop-up shops is understandable; with the flexibility and wide range of uses that shopping containers provide, it’s no wonder that companies and independent retailers are making the most of it. Ice cream pop-up shops are on the rise, delighting everyone with their delicious ice cream flavours.

Pop-up ice cream shops are not only popular, but they are also a successful endeavour linked to steel storage units.

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