Site Accommodation: Importance of Welfare Facilities

Health, safety and welfare are basic requirements of any workplace so you should always provide high-quality and functional welfare facilities. Not only is this the law, but it also makes for a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

In this article, we consider the most important welfare facilities that you should be keeping on-site:

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The Best Videos about Storage Containers

Perhaps you are considering purchasing a storage container, or maybe you already own one but want to know more about what you can do with it and how to maintain it. We’ve curated some of the best videos on the internet so that you can continue to enjoy storage containers – even when you’re on a break! Continue reading “The Best Videos about Storage Containers” »

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Austenitic, Ferritic or Martensitic?

Purchasing your first steel storage container is serious business, but how important is it for you to know whether your container is constructed from austenitic, ferritic or martensitic materials? In this blog, we consider the meaning of these descriptors and how they might apply to our containers so that you can make your purchase in full confidence. Continue reading “Austenitic, Ferritic or Martensitic?” »

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Other Uses for Industrial Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are very flexible in their potential uses, we’ve seen containers rented out as homes an Airbnb, but you can also use one for your next pop-up business venture, safe bicycle storage for your tenants or even on a construction site. If you have a spare high-quality steel storage container you could turn it into one of the following or speak to us about finding a new home for it.

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Should I Choose A New or Used Steel Storage Container

There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking to buy or hire steel containers, whether you’re searching for a secure place to store your business’ valuable construction tools, some used portable buildings in London or some extra storage for personal use. Storage containers are used for far more than the simple transportation of goods and you need to know how the differences between new and used could affect your experience. Continue reading “Should I Choose A New or Used Steel Storage Container” »

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6 Strange Places for Shipping Containers

We’re used to Storage Hunters showing us that weird things are found inside shipping containers and the like, but perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard that shipping containers themselves can get up to mischief. Today, there are even shipping containers going to space; where will they go next?

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The Art of Extreme Recycling

Recycling is an important factor of any business plan now more than ever; to be caught amidst bad eco-practices can see the reputation of your company plummet, and we all know how that will affect your sales.

To be an avid recycler is to show that you – and your company – are responsible and forward thinking, but the act of recycling can be more than statistics about how much plastic you have saved from our oceans this year. If you are proud of your eco-friendly habits and want to go the extra mile, then you could take a page or two from these extreme creations.

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How to Waterproof a Steel Shipping Container

When it comes to the storage of your items, no matter what is inside your shipping container, you want to be 100% sure your contents are safe from water damage. Many people use steel shipping containers for various reasons; from pop-up shops to transporting goods and even to run a business or store their stock. The reasons for utilising steel containers seem endless, but perhaps the big question is ‘how can I keep my steel shipping container fully waterproof?’

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Builders’ Perks

There is a lot of gratification to be had in the construction sector simply from the day-to-day line of work. Builders work in teams to make amazing, physical creations that benefit the local public. It can be a hard graft at times, but at the end of the day, they’re often confident that it was all worth it.

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Start-up Your Business in a Steel Container

Shipping containers are all the rage in the modern world. Businesses housed in shipping containers suggest down-to-earth establishments that offer high-quality products. We’ve created the ultimate bespoke container designs for a range of companies, and you could be next.

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