How to Insulate a Shipping Container

There are tons of reasons for getting your paws on a shipping container, and in an age where eco-friendliness rules, one of those reasons would be as homes and offices – something we’ve extensively covered. We’re big fans of the shipping container revolution, because containers don’t just keep this country up and running, bringing food, clothing and entertainment to our shores. They’re also incredibly spacious and sturdy – well, ours are, anyway.

So if you’re thinking of kitting out a home extension or a new office, you’ll probably be considering a fair few factors before undertaking the task. And one of the most important factors is insulation. No-one wants to be freezing their…hands offs inside a steel construction.

So, can you effectively insulate a shipping container?

In a word… Yes. In seven words… Yes, and there are several different options.

Spray-on Insulation

Worker Spraying Expandable Foam Insulation between Wall Studs iStock_000019521470_Small

Spray-on foam insulation is the A-1 gold star of insulation options. This type is a seriously flexible insulating method that can be applied both internally and externally. In addition to that, it’s also a good way of preventing mould and corrosion. But for all those benefits, be prepared to pay up – spray-on foam is easily the most expensive type of insulation out there.

Blanket Insulation

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If your budget doesn’t extend to the spray-on variety, there’s always blanket insulation. This is probably the cheapest manufactured option open to you. Usually blanket insulation is a glass mineral wool, with a metallised polythene film that can help reflect heat, keeping your shipping container at just the right temperature. The only downside? Fitting blanket insulation can be a real pain.

Panel Insulation

Builder Fitting Insulation Boards Into Roof Of New Home

Panel insulation is the middle-ground option, in terms of both cost and practicality. It’s cheaper than spray-on insulation, but it’s far easier to affix to the walls of your steel container than blanket insulation. You can grab some panels at pre-cut sizes, so make sure you measure up before committing to the purchase. They also come in a variety of depths, the thicker of which adds to the insulation, as you’d expect, which means you can choose precisely the size of your panel insulation.

Finding the right insulation for your shipping container isn’t too tricky, once you know what’s out there. And there are other alternatives too, such as wool, cotton and even assisting the insulation process with a roof garden. Whichever container insulation method you choose,

And if you need a steel container to get you started on livin’ the dream, please do contact our team on 0208 459 6972 and we’ll be happy to help.

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