Interior Design Ideas for Portable Offices

Portable offices tend to be a temporary solution, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in the best design – as well as the best location. Your employees will appreciate feeling comfortable – and they will produce more quality work, too.


People tend to think of portable offices as dark places, but the truth is they can have as many windows as a normal office. Lighting is, as you probably know, fundamental in any work space.

1. Ceiling based spots tend to cause an unwelcoming shadow, thus they are not the best. Instead, consider individual lamps on each desk that employees can adjust depending on what they are doing.

2. Windows are a bit of a tricky thing. If the desk is directly facing them, the exterior can provide a source of distraction. Besides, if the window faces south, on sunny days the glare will make it difficult to look at any screen. Place one of the desk’s sides facing the window – that is what tends to work best.


What’s the ideal size? They should be big enough to place a computer and a keyboard on them. Don’t forget that extra space on the sides to locate documents, folders and things your employees need to use on everyday basis.


Portable Furniture

The space inside a portable office can be maximized by using some movable furniture. In this way, you’ll be able to adapt it to your needs.

1. A set of stackable tables can help to turn the office into a board room on occasion. When they are not being used, they can easily be stored away.

2. Office screens and room dividers can be used to change the function of a specific space or to allow for more privacy whenever this is needed.

Storage Space

The key to making your office look like a clean and open space that will inspire your employees and clients is to have the appropriate storage space so desks and floors don’t look cluttered.

1. Empty walls may be dismissed, but they are excellent places to install shelves were folders can be stored.

2. The space under the desks tends to be forgotten. You can install a low level shelving system there, or add drawers.

3. A board on the wall that can be visible from everywhere is an excellent tool for listing tasks and marking deadlines and other reminders.

4. Having hangers on the doors is an excellent solution. In places like Britain, people need to wear many layers almost all year round. It will be very convenient if they have a specific place to hang coats and jackets instead of having them on chairs, desks or directly on the floor.


Here at Flintham Cabins we have many years of experience bringing you portable offices in London and the South East. Our cabins offer all the commodities you would find in a building – including PIR lightning, insulation and air conditioning, among others. We can also configure them according to your exact needs to make sure you and your employees are perfectly happy with them. Contact our expert team today and we’ll be delighted to help.



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