It’s All Going Swimmingly: Shipping Container Swimming Pools

You can use shipping containers in pretty much any project. Whether you want it to be your home or even a coffee shop or a museum, these units are versatile and capable of being transformed into anything you want. Turning your dream into a reality is easier than you’d think, and the proof is in the countless container projects out there.

Another great way to use steel containers is to convert them into swimming pools. The benefits are many: it’s more affordable than building a pool from scratch, it’s visually appealing and it’s perfect to use in public events as well!

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show

Due to the increasing popularity of converting shipping containers into other structures, such as mobile welfare units and temporary house extensions, containers are being used more and more, even in fashion shows. Tommy Hilfiger installed a series of steel containers in their fashion show which besides having a great design, were also eco-friendly and fun.

One such unit was used as a swimming pool, and attracted a large crowd. The metal container acted as the structure for the pool, while designers made sure to make it look stylish and fashionable by removing sections and adding glass panels.

Stefan Beese

Container pools are easy to install and, should you want to move house, you even have the possibility of taking it with you to a different location if you prefer. Still, you might think that having a container pool in your backyard will be a metal construction that will sit on your lawn – a sore sight, as it were. However, this is not always the case. With the proper planning you can create a swimming pool from a shipping container that is modern-looking and stylish.

German architect Stephan Beese did just that. He decided to convert a shipping container into a swimming pool for himself and his family, choosing a unit with minimal rust and free of large dents, since that would be apparent when the pool was completed. This architect added wood panels to the sides of the pool and made sure to paint the container with anti-corrosion paint, in order to protect it.

Metal containers work great as pools because their structural integrity is capable of creating a sturdy structure for the pool; at 22 ft x 7 ft, Beese’s project is just like a normal pool, and his son even learned to swim in it!

You can use shipping containers to create any project of your dreams, including a great-looking swimming pool for your home! If you want to learn more about our steel units and how you can use them, feel free to contact us today on 0208 459 6972. Also, check us out on Twitter to keep up to date with our latest news.

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