Places That Benefit From Mobile Welfare Units

Employers are required by law to provide suitable welfare facilities for the well-being of their employees. For example, workers need toilets and places to eat, and even a space where they can have a break and rest during work hours. A lot of different places, like festival sites, use mobile welfare units so that people can have access to facilities that otherwise would be too far away to use.

Some jobs are dependent on these types of units, however, since they can serve all sorts of purposes: 

Construction Sites

Perhaps the places where mobile welfare units are most commonly used are construction sites, since facilities like toilets or kitchens are usually off-site and workers are not able to use them at will. Even if they could, they need their own facilities and shouldn’t have to leave their workplace to find a toilet or be forced to get food from a restaurant nearby. So construction sites need to have all the necessary conditions and, depending on the number of workers, different unit sizes can accommodate smaller or larger numbers of people at the same time.


Archaeological Digs

The work done at archaeological sites is, by definition, entirely performed outdoors and often away from city centres or venues with built-in facilities. The only way to get around this is to provide workers with mobile welfare units for the duration of their stay in that place. Archaeologists and other workers at these sites need to be able to leave the sun behind and step into the shade of a unit made for rest, before returning to work – especially after spending hours bent over a pottery fragment or the bone of an animal.


Some factories require the use of outside laboratories, like factories that deal with fruits and vegetables, since these tend to arrive in trucks. Each load needs to be probed and analysed, so it’s only natural that laboratories are used outdoors, where trucks can stop before unloading at the proper docks. Mobile welfare units are perfect for this because they offer all the necessary space, and laboratory materials and equipment can easily be accommodated inside them.

So mobile welfare units are not used only for toilet, kitchen or rest areas, and can also be used for the very job itself.


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