How to Waterproof a Steel Shipping Container

When it comes to the storage of your items, no matter what is inside your shipping container, you want to be 100% sure your contents are safe from water damage. Many people use steel shipping containers for various reasons; from pop-up shops to transporting goods and even to run a business or store their stock. The reasons for utilising steel containers seem endless, but perhaps the big question is ‘how can I keep my steel shipping container fully waterproof?’

Location and Contents

Depending on what you are primarily using your container for, its location and contents could make a huge difference to how waterproof it needs to be. For example, if you are planning on running a beach bar from your container then you may have to contend with high tides and strong winds.

Alternatively, you could be considering a pop-up shop in the city. This might not have a high risk of water damage, but it will probably contain electronics like cash registers and credit card readers. This means that the importance of waterproofing the container from even basic rain is quite high.

In some extreme cases, people have converted shipping containers into swimming pools. In this case, it is extra important that the metal is coated with an anti-corrosion paint to prevent rust from the water damaging the integrity of the container. These converted swimming pools are not just waterproof, but watertight too. If you are looking for a superior shipping container, these are the qualities that you should be asking for before you decide on the final purchase.

 Waterproofed steel shipping container


If the contents being stored are damp, such as mattresses, clothing and furniture, they can retain a certain amount of moisture which could cause mould. When this happens to you, you will wish that you had known how to prevent it. You can reduce damp in your shipping container by using a dehumidifier, moisture absorb poles, Grafotherm insulation or by having a secondary container lining fitted.

If you have concerns for the storage of your items and are unsure whether condensation will be a problem for you, simply ask your steel containers supplier – after all, they are the experts and will be able to advise and assist. In the meantime, you can learn how to combat erosion on our blog.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Keeping your steel container rust-free and clean at all times can help to prevent corrosion and water damage. While the nature of steel containers is to be robust, tightly sealed and seaworthy, as with any material – damage can spread if you don’t keep track of any small alterations or damages to the interior and exterior.

Inspect the container on a regular basis for any areas of rust or any small zones of damage. Water damage can become a huge problem if you let even a small hole pass you. Give any slight concern your immediate attention if water resistance is important to you. Make sure to inspect your containers after heavy rainfall or after any journey overseas.

Steel shipping containers should be waterproofed if used for overseas transport

Our High-Quality Containers

Lucky for you, we can provide expert advice when it comes to storage containers. From overseas transportation to the British weather and everything in between, our steel storage containers are durable, sturdy and long-lasting. All our units are externally finished using container paint one coat primer finish semi-gloss C5000, which makes the steel container resistant to wear and tear, heavy impacts, salt water, mineral oil, and even splashed solvents.

It’s not just the added effects that make our clients so willing to engage in our steel container hire, we are proud of our customer service skills and would be more than happy to supply any further information you may require about our steel containers.

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