3 Cool Pop-Up Market Ideas

The popularity of pop-ups is on the rise, mainly due to how cost-efficient and functional they are, as well as their ability to be designed in any form you desire. A pop-up market has, by definition, a very short duration, as it can ‘pop up’ one day and be gone the next. These temporary shops or stalls can be used to sell goods and services for a limited amount of time, making it perfect for ‘aggressive’ marketing tactics that drive traffic to the vendor’s website or help them grow an audience.

Because a pop-up market can be used in many different ways, such as a way to sell old inventory, generate buzz around a new product or create a memorable, visual experience, they can also be made from different materials – and occur in different shapes and sizes.



We’re probably used to the more traditional market, which typically occurs in stalls. However, there are many options out there if you’re considering creating a pop-up event, such as the one created for Adidas: the pop-up shoebox. The shop looked like a giant shoebox where visitors celebrated the launch of a new collection – and were able to enjoy a 3D printing station that could make custom lace locks.




Steel Containers

Containers are incredibly flexible and useful for many different situations, be it as a pool or a coffee shop, for instance. They can also be used to create dramatic works of art. The Push Button House, by Illy, is a functional home that also transforms into a space where guests can try some of the world’s finest coffee when a button is pushed. Visitors also had the opportunity to participate in coffee classes, and watch dance and performance art.


Polish studio Mode:lina Architekci created a cost-efficient, easy-to-build pop-up shop for TRIWA watches. Located in Poland, this original concept implied the construction of a tank made from more than 900 cardboard tubes held together with ratchet straps. The eye-catching piece served as the selling point of watches, offered to passersby by employees standing inside it.


Pop-ups vary greatly from one another, and it seems like they’re becoming increasingly creative, as well as popular. If you’re looking for a unit that can help you set up the perfect pop-up market, Flintham Cabins is here for you. Feel free to talk to us at anytime or call us on 0208 459 6972 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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