Make Your Container Home Even More Eco-Friendly

Shipping containers, whether they are used as a home or for leisure, for instance, are incredibly eco-friendly. If you use them, you are using recycled materials, so it’s likely that you’re already thinking about your carbon footprint.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ensure that your container becomes even more eco-friendly than it already is. We’ve previously talked about how you can go about it with shipping containers in general, but now we’re focusing on making your container home even more environmentally-friendly!


Insulate Your Home

Your shipping container home is already resistant to adverse weather conditions; however, you still need to think about the temperature. By insulating the container, you ensure that it remains warm even when it’s cold outside, which can help you keep the radiator or another source of heating turned off. This, in turn, will help you cut down the energy bills and make your home eco-friendlier!

Carpets will contribute to a warmer home as well, and they can even save up to 6% on electric bills, and double glazed windows will also ensure that you don’t use your heater as often.

Install Solar Panels

This source of energy will contribute to a lower energy bill at the end of the month – and will help protect the environment! You should have a south-facing roof in order to fully take advantage of your solar panels, and it should be free of shade as well.

Collect Rainwater

If you have a garden, you can water the plants and flowers with the rainwater you collect; you can also wash your car. By using this water instead of tap or even bottled water, you are making your home more efficient and eco-friendly.


Use Cold Water

When you’re washing your clothes, try to put it on a cold program whenever possible. Not only does this help extend the lifespan of your clothes and keep them looking great for a long time, but it also helps cut down on the electricity.

Use Eco-Friendly Appliances

Your microwave, your oven, your washer, your dishwasher… all of these appliances and more contribute to your electricity use. By choosing energy efficient ones, you are cutting down your bills, sure, but you’re also turning your shipping container home into an eco-friendlier version of itself!

Our steel containers are perfect for creating the environmentally-friendly home of your dreams, with plenty of layouts you can choose from as well. Enjoy bringing your vision to life and tell us if you have more eco-friendly tips to add to this list – you can also ask for a quote on 0208 459 6972.

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