Shipping Container Add-ons

Shipping containers don’t come in a standard format and are highly customisable to suit individuals’ and companies’ specific needs and requirements. In this blog, we look at all the extra things that you might want for your shipping container, depending on your intentions for it.

Anti-Corrosive Coat of Paint

If your shipping container is destined to go on the high seas, transporting goods back and forth from country to country, then you will want your shipping container to be coated in an anti-corrosive paint. The ocean is an abrasive atmosphere, and your big metal box will have to contend with normal rust, ocean spray and general damp weather. To prevent this from affecting the goods inside, you’ll want to be sure that your container is watertight and not susceptible to excessive rust and corrosion.

 Steel shipping containers should be waterproofed if used for overseas transport

A Ventilation System

If your container is going to be used for shipping, then you will want to avoid installing ventilation because it will stop your container from being waterproof. On the other hand, plenty of our customers purchase shipping containers with the intent of creating home extensions or temporary offices. If you are crafting your container into housing, then you will need ventilation.

Ventilation in storage containers on land has many purposes. On a building site where a container is used to store expensive tools, ventilation circumvents disaster in the case of a fuel leak igniting. In the home, office, or social space, it is important for providing fresh, clean air which prevents unnecessary illness.

If you are considering installing ventilation in your shipping container, you should consider whether passive, mechanical, or balanced ventilation will better suit your designs. For more information about this subject, we recommend that you read our blog on Why You Should Ventilate your Storage Container.


Watertight Sealant

If you’re sending your shipping container to sea, then you’ll want your contents to be safe in the event of heavy rain. You may also be interested in waterproofing your container if you’re setting up a pop-up shop in a wet country, such as here in Britain.

Our steel storage containers are all externally finished using primer finish semi-gloss C5000, ensuring that our products are durable and resistant to salt-water, mineral oil and splashed solvents. You can read more about it on our blog: How to Waterproof a Steel Shipping Container.


Some Wheels

If you’re hiring temporary site accommodation, then you might want your container to include some wheels. Some savvy individuals have figured out how to add wheels to their own storage containers, as shown in the video below, but we have no less than four bases in the South East of England so you can rely on us for any transportation needs.


Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

The Storage container home is a modern phenomenon currently sweeping the world. Almost everyone has had thoughts of designing the perfect minimalist house to either live in permanently or retreat to on holidays, but individuals have varying degrees of success.

There’s a lot to be considered when you’re building a house, even if you’re starting with a container, so speak to us about your ideas before you buy – we might be able to offer you some of our bespoke services if you’re planning to fill your container with everything you own.

In the meantime, enjoy this relaxing timelapse of a container home being constructed:

Under Lock and Key

If you’re going to be keeping valuables in your shipping container, then you’ll need the latest and strongest tools in anti-vandalism. Luckily for you, we already have the tools and the knowledge you need to protect your equipment.

Read more about our anti-vandal storage units on our blog: 3 Benefits of Anti-Vandal Storage Units.


5 Billion Bananas

Lastly, if you’re buying a shipping container, then you need something to put in it. You might decide to put your home in there or a new business venture, but have you ever considered filling your new container with 5 billion bananas? We certainly have, and you can read all about it with our infographic: 5 Billion Bananas Sums with Storage Containers.

If you have any other ideas for things to add to your containers, then we can create bespoke shipping containers to suit your precise demands. Contact us for more information regarding our storage containers in London.

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